What Projects a Handyman Can Help You With

  • Two Tips To Help You Grow Your Hot Shot Shipping Service

    10 June 2015

    If you're in the hot shot shipping industry, you're likely always looking for ways to run your business more efficiently.  Because hot shot shipping involves lots of last minute orders, it can be difficult to plan correctly so that you are not making trips with less than a full load.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to streamline your business so that you can increase your bottom line.

  • Why You Should Use Aluminum Railings In Your Next Residential Installation

    2 June 2015

    Whether you're interested in replacing aging railings around your home, patio, or deck, or if you want to install something new, there are real advantages to choosing aluminium over the competition. Aluminum railings for residential use offer the universal beauty, durability, and strength that will add value and protection to your home for years to come. So if you're considering material options for your next indoor or outdoor installation, there's a few reasons why you should install aluminum railings.

  • Consider Installing A Fence To Keep Your Puppy Safe

    21 May 2015

    If you have a new puppy you are in for a lot of fun, and you are also in for many adventures. In fact, raising a puppy is a lot like raising a child. By the time they hit the four to six month period of their cute little lives, they can be little stinkers!  Just know that there will be trouble! However, if you're watchful and you prepare well, there won't be a tragedy.

  • Designing Your Dream Cottage Getaway: Custom Building You'll Love

    12 May 2015

    Whether you want a cottage home for a quiet weekend getaway destination, or you desire to live in a whimsically designed home full time, being part of your design is what makes you love your build even more. From stone styles to classic additions, you can get involved with custom building to create a one-of-a-kind cottage that you will love to call your own. Discover parts of your design that you'll want to be part of to make your living space even more unique!

  • Is Your Overhang Insulated?

    5 May 2015

    If your home has a cantilevered overhang, this is an area you should focus on specifically when evaluating your insulation and energy efficiency. Insulation should be included in the floor of the overhang, but if the builders did a speedy or shoddy job, this step may have been skipped. This guide will explain how to evaluate whether or not your overhang is properly insulated and offer some tips for insulating it post-build if you find that it is not insulated.

  • Natural Materials to Help You Maintain a Clean and Clog-Free Garbage Disposal

    22 April 2015

    Your garbage disposal works hard to crush up your old food and flush it away, but over time your disposal can become clogged, inefficient, and even smelly. Although plumbing companies play a role in keeping your garbage disposal functioning and the drainage pipes clear, as a homeowner you also have the ability to keep your garbage disposal clean and clog free. Using natural materials found around your house, you can clean out your garbage disposal and the drainage pipes, helping to ensure that your disposal will continue to work for many years.

  • Technologies For Conserving Groundwater While Irrigating Crops

    10 April 2015

    Changing climate conditions are creating an increased need to conserve water, especially when it comes to agriculture. The drought problem occurring in many locations worldwide is one example that illustrates this. Here are a few ways that you can get enough water to irrigate crops while conserving water as much as possible in the process. Irrigation Ponds There are times where groundwater can be in short supply in a region. When this happens, it's often a good idea to draw water for irrigating crops from a different source.