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How To Upcycle An Old Light Fixture To Something More Modern

by Harry Martin

Don't throw out that old light fixture just yet, it may be able to be upcycled into a newer, more modern light fixture. All you need in a few mason jars, spray paint, a few tools and a little bit of elbow grease to create something new. See below for instructions on how to change an old vanity bulb light fixture into a modern barn wood and mason jar hanging pendant light for your kitchen.

Prepping The Old Vanity Light Fixture 

These instructions are for a mirrored 5 bulb strip vanity light fixture. They are still sold at most hardware stores, but if you have one in your home already or obtain a roadside rescue, that works too. 

You'll need to take apart the light fixture. Take it off your wall safely and carefully. Do this by turning off the power to the fixture and then taking it down. Next, take the bulbs out, and take off the mirrored tile piece. You should be left with the bare bones of the lighting fixture. 

Adding The New Elements

The old light fixture will need to be spray painted. You can spray it any color you like, but an oil rubbed bronze or black will look best. Next, the light fixture will need to be attached to a piece of wood. Barn wood works well, but if you don't have any barn wood handy, you can attach it to a piece of roughed up wood that is 2 inches wider and longer than your vanity mirror light. 

Attach the vanity to the wood by carefully taking the outer piece of the vanity off and screwing the bottom portion to the piece of wood. You will also need to cut a hole through the piece of wood to allow room for the electrical wires to be pulled through.

Next, the mason jars will need to be attached to the vanity. Take the outer piece you took off earlier and replace it onto the vanity light. Take your mason jar collars and hold them in place, around each of the light bulb outlets. Insert the lids into each of the collars and screw them securely into place onto the vanity. Next, you will screw in the appropriate size light bulbs and then finally screw on your glass mason jars. 

Hanging Your Fixture

Your mason jars should be securely in place when hanging your fixture. Try wiggling them around, to be sure they aren't going anywhere.

You will need to attach an electrical cord to your fixture, using the electrical wires on the back of the light. Contact a professional for help, if you aren't too handy with electrical work.

You can hang your fixture from your ceiling using rope. Drill holes that the corners of the fixture, then feed the rope through the holes. Tie a secure knot on each end of the rope. The other ends of the rope are then attached to a hook that is securely held in your ceiling, or if you prefer a different look, you can attach it to your ceiling using a different way.

This is a great way to re-purpose an old light fixture, while adding a new stylish element to your home. You can use mason jars and spray paint to update almost any light fixture. Talk to places like Dhillon Lighting Inc Designer for more information and tips.