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Should You Remove Your Tree Stumps?

by Harry Martin

As a part of your landscaping efforts, you've cut down a few trees to improve the way your lawn looks. While you may have removed the tree itself, the stump is still there. It doesn't really make much sense to leave the stump there, does it? You should certainly consider removing the lawn to really make the change you intended to make by removing the tree. Below are a few reasons why you should invest the time and money into removing the stump.

Reasons to Remove Your Tree Stump

The tree itself is gone, but the stump remains. Should you remove it or leave it be? Here's three reasons why you should remove it.

  1. Tree stumps take up valuable space. If you're like most people, you want a wide, open yard. This allows you to lay in the grass, play games and have a painless mowing experience. Having a tree stump in the middle of your yard prevents each of these. It might prevent you from hosting a volleyball tournament or just make mowing your lawn a little more difficult than it needs to be. If your tree stump is in an unfortunate spot, you need stump removal services.  
  2. Tree stumps do not look good. While it can be argued that trees themselves add a certain aesthetic value to your yard, you'll have to work pretty hard to convince someone that a tree stump looks good. They make your lawn look much worse and serve no functional purpose. They look even worse as time passes and grass and weeds start to grow around the base of the stump. These weeds are hard to pull out due to being so snug with the stump.  
  3. They can be a hazard. Some stumps are obvious, while others can be hidden by weeds, leaves or other trees. At the very least, you might stub your toe on a hidden stump. Even worse, a child playing in your yard may trip and fall due to a stump being hidden. Stump removal that immediately follows cutting down a tree is the best way to prevent these harmful scenarios.

Should You Do it Yourself?

Now that you're ready to remove the stump, should you take on the task alone or hire a professional? You won't be able to remove it with stuff you have on hand, such as a pick and a shovel. You'll need a stump grinder to get rid of it. Renting one of these alone can often cost more than simply paying an expert.

Unless you have specific experience with stump removal, you should consider hiring an expert to come out to your property and take care of the problem.