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4 Ways To Have A Safe Demolition At Home

by Harry Martin

If you are planning on doing a DIY demolition, it is essential that you do so safely. Whether or not you have people living in your home while you pull down a wall or rip up the old hardwood flooring, you need to follow these simple safety instructions.

Do Nothing But Demo Work

It is important that when you plan to complete a demolition job, you schedule it on a day when you don't intend to do anything else. You don't want to have distractions at home when trying to complete the demolition, and by scheduling it, you can avoid having children and pets around. It is really best to have your family out of the home when working on demolition, or at least doing one room at a time so they can be in other parts of the home.

Seal Off Other Areas

You are most likely only demolishing one area of your home, so you should seal off any areas not being demolished. This helps you to protect those rooms and the contents of the rooms. Just closing the door may not be good enough, because plaster dust and drywall dust can travel a lot farther than you think. Seal off all other areas with plastic and tape to be extra sure those areas are protected.

Learn What Is Behind the Wall

Before you start demolishing a wall, know what is hidden behind it. If there might be a water pipe or electrical wire right behind the drywall, you don't want to simply start hacking away at it with a sledgehammer. Be careful what parts of the wall you are using such force on. You should also be aware of the threat of asbestos if you have an older home. If you think you are at risk of having asbestos in the walls, get the area tested before doing anything.

Turn Off the Power

Another thing you want to do before you start a demolition project inside your home is turn off the power to the room you are using. If you accidentally hit an electrical wire, you could get electrocuted. To prevent this from happening, shut off the room's power source. To have sufficient lighting and use power tools, hook them up to an extension cord that is connected to another area of the home. You can also use a utility light in that room.

Also, remember that you want to protect yourself during a demolition project. Wear a respirator or dust mask, and wear protective clothing and gloves. For professional assistance, contact a company like Able Demolition Services.