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Rock Siding: A (Mostly!) Canadian Product That Helps Create The Look Of Brick For Your Home Or Business

by Harry Martin

If you love the look of brick, but you did not buy a brick home or business, you can achieve the brick look with siding. That is correct, you can have brick-looking siding made from cement! A mostly Canadian product that borrowed its creation from a Scandinavian product acts like siding, looks like brick, and costs about as much as vinyl or aluminum siding. If you want to change the exterior appearance of your home, but you do not want your standard, run-of-the-mill siding, then take a second look at the benefits of rock siding.

What Rock Siding Can Do That Other Siding Materials Cannot

Rock siding acts as a wind breaker and a stronger barrier against the weather and extreme Canadian temperatures, i.e., negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Once installed, there is an air space between your home's original wall structures and the brick siding itself, but this allows your home to "breathe" and vent any buildup of moisture as needed. These particular features are absent from aluminum and vinyl siding.

Other Benefits to Consider

There are several other benefits tied to rock siding:

  • Rock siding panels are one inch thick, decreasing the impact of flying objects
  • No foundation is needed, so you will not have to hire a separate contractor to create a basement or secure the panels to your existing foundation
  • Rock siding does not use glues, adhesives, drills or any other messy and damaging substance during installation
  • You can use rock siding on the entire exterior of your home or business and you can use it as decoration or a heat shield inside too
  • Instead of repairing your chimney, you can use rock siding to patch and support weak areas

With vinyl and aluminum, you cannot achieve the look of brick and mortar, you have to have a foundation to attach the siding, most panels are attached using screws, and you cannot use these two materials to support a weakened chimney. What is more, if you change the color of your vinyl or aluminum siding with paint, you would have to paint it all over again if you do not like the color. Rock siding allows you to pick from many colors for your "brick" exterior and even request a custom color for your siding. You have the ability to check the color in sunlight before you commit and have the siding color changed until it is exactly what you want. Contact a siding contractor, such as Brasco Siding, to get your brick-looking siding installed.