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3 Reasons To Install Aluminum Deck Railings Instead Of Wooden Ones

by Harry Martin

If you are currently in the process of planning or building a deck, you might have instinctively planned on using wood as your main material. Although wood is a very common decking material, it isn't your only option. For example, you can opt for aluminum railing for your deck rather than a wood railing. Below are a few reasons to consider this high-quality material. There are also plenty of other benefits, so talk to a deck installation professional in your area to find out more about why aluminum deck railings might be right for you.

1. You Don't Have to Worry About Rotting

Wood is known for rotting. Even high-quality wood that is treated with the right chemicals will eventually rot when exposed to the elements, and few things are as exposed to the elements as deck railings. Aluminum, on the other hand, doesn't even rust. If you're looking to avoid the dangers, costs and unsightliness of rotted wood, you're sure to love the long-term durability of aluminum deck railings.

2. Maintenance is Minimal

Wooden decking can look nice, but it often has to be painted every few years. Since aluminum decking doesn't have to be painted very often, it can be a lower-maintenance choice. As long as it is coated with a nice powder coating, you shouldn't have to worry about painting any time soon. Since you probably have a host of other household maintenance tasks to worry about, this can be a real relief.

3. It Won't Have to Be Treated with Chemicals

If you are concerned about the environment, you probably don't like to use chemicals any more than necessary. Luckily, aluminum railings typically don't have to be sprayed with chemicals to protect them from the elements. This can also be a safer choice if you have a family and are worried about the health risks of having these chemicals on your decking components, particularly the ones that you and your family's hands come in contact with most often, which are your railings.

Aluminum deck railings can be a wonderful choice for your new deck. Before you opt to go with wooden railings, consider these benefits. If you do, you're sure to find that aluminum railings are your best choice. In fact, you might even find that you want to skip using wood altogether when designing and building your new deck, focusing on utilizing aluminum materials instead.