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Key Considerations Concerning Pond Excavation

by Harry Martin

If you own a rural property that does not have a prominent water feature, you may want to consider constructing a pond. A pond is not only visually appealing, but provides you and your family with the many opportunities for fun and recreation. Building a pond typically involves the use of bulldozers or other earth-moving equipment and is a job best left to the professionals, such as excavating contractors. This article examines some of the key aspects of adding a pond to your landscape. 


Your soil type plays an important role in the excavation of your pond. If you have a sandy, gravelly soil, then constructing a pond may be problematic. This type of soil does not retain water as well as clay soil. If you are unsure whether your soil will hold water effectively, contact your local county extension office and have it tested. If your soil does not hold water well, you can have it compacted by an excavator. 


The easiest pond shape to excavate is a rectangle, but many people do not find this type of pond visually appealing. Having the excavator dig out an oval shape is generally a more appealing option. Other interesting choices are a kidney-shaped pond or pear-shaped pond. Avoiding a bland rectangular shape is one way to make the pond blend in more effectively with the landscape and not stand out as an artificial creation. 

Old Site

If you have an old pond or pond site on your property that has become an eyesore due to silt building up or erosion, restoring the pond might be preferable to constructing a new pond. Excavating contractors possess special types of equipment and use innovative techniques to help them dredge an old pond. One method involves using a device called a "mudbucket" to scoop up the sediment and silt.  


You might need a permit  for your pond, depending on the laws of your state and the type of pond you wish to build. Keep in mind that, in addition to any state laws, there may be federal or local laws that are also relevant. Consult with your excavating contractor about any laws relating to pond construction in your area.  

Ponds add beauty to almost any landscape and provide a way to attract wildlife to your property as well. For more information about the pond-creation process and issues involved, talk with an experienced excavator today.