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Get Your Flat Roof Ready For Spring

by Harry Martin

Spring is here, and it's time to perform your annual flat roofing maintenance. Your flat roof has taken a beating all winter long, and now it needs some TLC to prevent leaks. These tips will help you maintain your flat roof to ensure that it can withstand the rain and sun in the days and weeks ahead.

Clear Off Debris

Flat roofing can accumulate debris, especially in the fall and winter when leaves and sticks fall from nearby trees. This collection of organic waste can clog your roof's drainage system and cause your roof to rot. Near the beginning of spring, when the snow has finally melted from your roof, clear the organic debris from your flat roof. Use a rake or a shovel to scoop up the debris and place it into a garbage pail or bag. Do not throw organic debris off the side of your roof. 

Clear Drains if Necessary

You may notice pooling water around the drains in your roof. This is an indication that your roof's drain has become clogged. To clear the drain, remove the strainer that protects the drain, then insert a plumber's auger or an electric plumber's snake into the drain. When the auger or snake has encountered the clog, it will pierce the debris and remove it. 

Once the debris has been removed, run a hose to the roof of your home or building, then flush the drain with a powerful jet of water. This will clear the drain of any remaining debris, and will also show you that the drain has been successfully cleared of a clog. If your drain fills with standing water during the process of flushing the pipe, then the clog has not been fully cleared, and the process will need to be repeated. 

Scrape Out Old Caulking and Put In New Caulking

Inspect the caulking on your roof. Look for signs that the caulk has deteriorated or worn away. If necessary, remove old caulk with a plastic or metal scraper, and then replace the caulk with fresh caulking.

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

Have your roof inspected by a roofing professional. He or she will check the roof for leaks and identify problems that could lead to leaks in the coming year.

Spring and summer are a time when temperature extremes can wreak havoc on your flat roof, leading to leaks and roof damage. Taking these steps to protect your flat roof will ensure that your roof lasts. For more information, contact AccuSeal Roofing Ltd. or a similar company.