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Designing Your Dream Cottage Getaway: Custom Building You'll Love

by Harry Martin

Whether you want a cottage home for a quiet weekend getaway destination, or you desire to live in a whimsically designed home full time, being part of your design is what makes you love your build even more. From stone styles to classic additions, you can get involved with custom building to create a one-of-a-kind cottage that you will love to call your own. Discover parts of your design that you'll want to be part of to make your living space even more unique!


Common styles of stone for building cottages are flagstone or ledgestone. Flagstone is often cut thinly so the round parts are exposed on the exterior of your home. Thick mortaring placed between the rocks complete an aged, whimsical cottage look. You can choose flagstone in many colors, from grays to pinks to even red and purple hues.

Ledgestone is crafted out of Bulgaria, and creates a craggy, symmetrical look to your cottage. If you don't want your cottage to be made entirely of stone, then ledgestone is a wise choice for bordering your entryway or for building your chimney.


Modern cottages are most likely to be made of wood with rock wall accents. Common woods you can choose for the building of your home include pine, reclaimed barn wood, or even redwood. Depending on where you live, certain kinds of woods will work better for your home's design than others. Redwood, for example, is a soft wood that responds well to humid climates, while classic pine works well in many regions.

Classic additions

Archways open up a room and make your living space feel more like an authentic cottage home, whether you choose a modern design or want to build entirely out of stone. Archways are great for kitchen and living room areas where your family will congregate the most.

Steep roof lines are also very characteristic of classic cottage designs, with wooden shingles to complete the look. To create an open space, consider high ceilings and open walls from the living room into your kitchen. Recessed lighting in soft yellow completes the cozy cottage appeal you are hoping for.

When building your dream cottage home or getaway, get involved in the design. The results will be a home that feels authentic and cozy, and you will love the personal touches that you've added to this space. From the stone to the roof, you can choose just how you want your cottage home to look. For more information on getting started building your dream cottage, contact a company like Tech Home Ltd.