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Why You Should Use Aluminum Railings In Your Next Residential Installation

by Harry Martin

Whether you're interested in replacing aging railings around your home, patio, or deck, or if you want to install something new, there are real advantages to choosing aluminium over the competition. Aluminum railings for residential use offer the universal beauty, durability, and strength that will add value and protection to your home for years to come. So if you're considering material options for your next indoor or outdoor installation, there's a few reasons why you should install aluminum railings.

No-Maintenance Durability

Aluminum is a material that resists corrosion and rust and, when galvanized, can give you a flawless finish for years without maintenance. Though glass is a beautiful, light-enhancing option for both outdoor and indoor areas, it's a material that you'll constantly be cleaning. And iron or steel railings offer you protection that is strong but will require rust removal over time with even galvanized versions. Aluminum railings keep their color, shape, and strength without needing cleaning or resurfacing for decades, sometimes even a lifetime.

Lightweight Contender

For an easy installation and long-lasting result, only aluminum railings can offer both the strength that will endure and the light weight that even do-it-yourselfers can manage. Aluminum outdoor railings make a great choice for installation, because they can be carried over different terrains or heights without requiring special equipment or scaffolding.

Affordable Aesthetic

Aluminum railings offer the most affordable installation over other materials, and they are available in the broadest range of patterns and designs, as well as color finishes. Aluminum railings can mimic the pattern work of wrought iron for a look that's indistinguishable from the real thing. And if you want to elevate the appeal of simple aluminum railings, you can complement the corners with patterned columns that will give your exterior façade a facelift. Newer manufactured aluminum railings offer a range of different patterns and styles that can give you everything from a traditional to contemporary look, whether you decide to place them on a staircase or outside of your decking.

Easy Compliance

Aluminum rails are often sold separately of balusters, so you can choose color and pattern combinations that feature the look that best appeals to you. But even with the different options you get, manufactured aluminum railings that are rated as compliant give you easy code compliance that can normally be achieved just by showing the inspector the third-party testing information. Though it requires that you buy aluminum railings that have this specification, this can save you the time and headache needed to easily pass architectural approval and final inspection.

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