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3 Ways To Tell If You Need A Complete Overhaul Of Your Roof Or Not

by Harry Martin

If you are in the market for a new roof, you are probably debating on whether you need to tear the existing roof off or leave it there. It can be quite expensive having to deal with roofing repairs, so it makes sense that you are trying to save money wherever you can. Being able to salvage a few parts here and there can definitely help to cut down on the overall cost. However, it might not always be possible to avoid having to tear your roof off and start over. You need to recognize when tearing the existing roof off is an absolute must and when it isn't.

Multiple layers of roofing already exist

If you have taken advantage of the repair strategy somewhere along the line, there is a good chance that your existing roof already has more than one layer to it. When you have two to three roofing layers already in existence, you need to tear it all off and start over. Adding one layer after another when you already have more than one is going to cause extra strain and stress on your structure, thus resulting in more problems.

Roof deck sustained damage in the past

Normal wear and tear, pests on the roof and an excessive amount of moisture can all end up causing the decking material to sustain damage. Once your decking has gotten to the point where the damage is too much, you need to go beyond just a normal repair job. At that point, you will need to remove your current roof, repair the foundation and have a new roof installed over all of the improvements you made.

Unsure about the shape of the components underneath

Sometimes, it can be hard to determine whether the roofing deck is still in good shape or if the insulation has been torn apart. This isn't something you should take a chance with. If you aren't sure whether the underlying components are sound, you need to tear it down all the way to give the roofers a chance to inspect all of the components firsthand. Don't leave anything to chance.

By checking on the three things above, you can determine whether a complete tear down is in order or not. You are better off doing the job right the first time than what you are trying to save a few bucks along the way and costing far more down the line. Contact a roofing company like Nisby Home Renovations Ltd if you have specific questions about the condition of your roof.