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The Five Main Dormers

by Harry Martin

Dormers are installations on the side of a roof that extend outwards, providing a space in which a window can be housed. Dormers can come in a wide variety of different styles, all of which differ in shape and the type of roof that they are best suited for. Understanding the differences between the five main types of dormers can help you choose the ones best suited for your home.

Gable Dormers

Gable dormers are the most common type of dormer available, as they are also the simplest in terms of construction. They consist of a second peak extending out perpendicularly from your roof's ridge, providing a great deal of headroom. Gable dormers can fit onto any style of roof, and can be retrofitted fairly easily onto already existing roofs.

Shed Dormers

Shed style dormers are one of the largest types of dormers available, and tend to take up the entirety of the length of the roof, instead of being made out of multiple installations as other types of dormers are. They are a second plane extending from the roof of the ridge, above and slightly smaller than the first plane, creating a large space comparable to another floor.

Hip Dormers

Hip style dormers are small installations that only work on hipped (square or rectangular roofs with a fairly shallow slope) roofs, as they are square or rectangular dormers that extend straight out from the roof. They do not provide as much headroom as gable dormers do, but stylistically match hipped roofs much better.

Segmented Dormers

Segmented dormers are similar to gable dormers in their construction, in that they are singular extensions out of the side of the roof and can be installed on any type of roof. However, they differ in the fact that instead of having a peak, they have curved tops, which provide a more natural and smooth-looking aesthetic to the exterior of your home. However, in terms of headroom and construction, they are practically the same as gable dormers.

Eyebrow Dormers

Eyebrow dormers come in two main styles: They can either be rectangular or oval in shape. Eyebrow dormers get their name because of the fact that they resemble eyes built into the side of your roof. Eyebrow dormers do not create a lot of headroom or usable space in your home, and instead are best suited for fulfilling aesthetic purposes and letting light into the upper stories of your home.

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