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Two Tips For Maintaining Your Wood Railings

by Harry Martin

Wood railings are commonly found in homes that need staircases to access higher floors. Unfortunately, many people are not particularly familiar with this part of their home, and this can cause them to lack an understanding about the type of care required by railings. Luckily, you can follow these two tips to help ensure that your railings avoid some of the more common causes of problems that they can encounter.

Keep The Wood Finished

Many homeowners make the mistake of underestimating the importance of keeping their wood railings finished. If you neglect to keep the railing finished, it is possible for moisture to seep into and start rotting the wood. Interestingly, the wood does not have to be directly exposed to water for this to happen because condensation can form on the wood due to high humidity levels.

Unfortunately, the finish you apply to your railing will weaken and fade over time. The exact amount of time that a coat will last can vary widely based on the brand and type of wood being used. Therefore, you should closely inspect your railing on a regular basis to ensure it does not appear to be developing excessive dryness or discoloration. If it is, you should consider applying a fresh coat of wood finishing to it.

Have Cracks Repairs As Soon As You Notice Them

One day you may notice a small crack forming in the wood. While this may not seem like a major problem, the crack will simply worsen until you have it repaired. If you delay this work for too long, it can cause structural weaknesses to form in the wood, which can lead to the railing collapsing.

Fortunately, you can stop this from occurring by patching any cracks you see developing in the wood. This is done by placing a special filler in the crack that will bond to the surrounding wood. Once it has dried, you can simply stain it to match the rest of the railing, and this will stop the problem from causing structural issues for the railing.

Having wood railing in your home may be necessary to ensure that the rail matches the stairs and the rest of the home's interior. However, it is important to note that you must take special care of the railing to help ensure the wood does not degrade. By keeping the wood finished and repairing any cracks that may develop, you can help ensure that your wood railing withstands the years.

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