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Creative Ways To Decorate A Porta Potty For Outdoor Events

by Harry Martin

If you are hosting an outdoor event that is intended to last for more than just a few hours, renting an outdoor toilet is vital. Regardless of what kind of event you are hosting, there are fun and creative ways you can decorate the porta-potty to make it more fun.

Put Necessities in the Toilet

You should always add a few necessities a person would expect in any bathroom to a porta-potty for convenience purposes. This can include a basket filled with hand wipes, toilet paper, hand soap, hand wipes, and paper towels. Don't forget to include a waste basket either inside or outside of the toilet to give your guests a place to throw away the trash without having to walk too far. You do not want them to put all of the trash in the actual toilet.

Add a Little Comfort to the Space

Obtain a small stylish rug to place on the floor in the porta-potty to give it more of a traditional bathroom feel. You can also get some fragrance flowers or an air freshener in case anyone has a major bowel movement during the event. You should avoid spray air fresheners unless they are automatic as you cannot control how much air freshener every person who uses the bathroom sprays while they are in there. An electric candle or battery operated lights can also make the space more inviting to your guests.

Add Some Decorations to the Walls Inside

Utilizing double stick tape, you can hang artwork on the inside of the wall. Just go with something cheap and lightweight that looks nice. If the porta-potty is for a wedding, for example, you might consider hanging a picture of the couple or some loving wedding quotes up on the walls. Flowers or a small wreath also make great decorations for inside of the porta-potty.

Add Some Decoration to the Exterior Too

When decorating the exterior, think about the theme of the event you are hosting. Invest in fabric or lightweight artwork to correspond with the theme of the event. You can attach it to the exterior of the porta-potty to make it match the theme of the event. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, for example, consider getting some translucent white fabric and attach it to the back of the porta-potty as if toilet were wearing a veil like the bride.

With these few simple adjustments, the toilet you rented is going to look like it came from the same place as the rest of your party decorations. For more ideas about incorporating porta-potties seamlessly into your event, consult with a company such as Action Toilet Rentals