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Taking Care Of Your Vinyl Deck

by Harry Martin

Vinyl or composite decks are a great alternative to traditional wood decks, and they are popular thanks to their durability and ease of maintenance. Unlike wooden decks, vinyl can withstand weather and heavy use much better than wood and never needs to be refinished. If you own a vinyl deck and want to keep it clean and well maintained, there are some simple and easy things you can do to help ensure it continues to look beautiful and lasts for many years.

Simple Cleaning

A simple cleaning with detergent every so often should be enough to keep your vinyl deck looking nice. Simply sweep any loose dirt and debris off the deck in the direction of the grain. Then, make a simple mixture of one gallon of hot water with a quarter cup of dish detergent. Using a hose, spray the deck clean and then scrub it with a soft bristled brush dipped in the detergent mixture. This should help remove any stubborn stains and clean it up to look as good as new. Once you've finished scrubbing, hose it down again with clean water and let it dry.

Other Cleaning Methods

If your vinyl deck is larger in size and you simply don't have the time to scrub stains out by hand, a good rinse with a garden hose and a quick wipe down with a clean dry rag should remove most dirt marks. Pressure washing is another good way to get dirt off the deck quickly and easily. If you have a grill on your deck and have experienced stubborn grease stains, use a commercial degreaser that can be found at most hardware stores. This should help dissolve the grease easily. Purchase a grease catching tray and it place it under your grill to prevent drips from falling onto the surface of the deck in the future.

Removing Mildew 

Mold and mildew are common issues with most decks, even vinyl. If you see mold or mildew spots, use white vinegar and apply some to a clean sponge. Scrub the mildew spots using the vinegar and it should disappear. Vinegar is a great cleaner because it does not contain any harsh chemicals and should get the mildew off vinyl surfaces easily. If the mildew is being stubborn, simply apply vinegar directly to the stains, let it sit for about an hour, and then scrub it off. Keeping your vinyl deck clean should provide you with many years of enjoyment and a beautiful looking outdoor area that everyone can spend time in.

For more information and tips on maintaining your deck, talk with decking contractors, such as those at Eternal Vinyl Sundecks.