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Three Important Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

by Harry Martin

When you're thinking about improving the look of one of the rooms in your home, one of the best things to do is have it painted. While you can go through the hassle of picking a paint colour and buying it, arranging drop cloths, painting the room and then cleaning all your brushes, it's much easier to simply hire a professional -- and you'll have a better finished product, too. It's ideal to get recommendations from friends and neighbours for a few painting contractors in your area and then call them. You'll certainly be interested in comparing prices and available dates, but it's also beneficial to evaluate the painters, in part, by how they answer these three questions.

What Exactly Does The Job Include?

You can hire a painting contractor for a long list of different projects around the home, so it's important to know exactly what will be included in the job estimate you get. Reputable painters will perform the necessary preparation work, such as filling small dents in your walls and protecting the floor, in addition to actually painting the walls and the baseboards. Many jobs need some attention before the painting begins and you need to hire a contractor who will take care to ensure that any dents or chips in your walls are dealt with in advance to ensure the best possible end result.

Do You Hire Subcontractors?

Some painting contractors use subcontractors -- while this isn't necessarily a negative thing, it's important that you're aware of this practice in advance. For example, if you call a painter to discuss your job and are highly impressed with his or her professionalism and vision for your space, the last thing you might want is a subcontractor to show up because you were hoping the painter would be doing the work himself or herself. If subcontractors will be used, ask if the painter will visit your home each day to inspect their work.

How Will Things Look When You Leave?

You want to hire a painting contractor who is just as meticulous about leaving your home tidy as he or she is in doing a good job of painting. Asking this question allows the painting contractor to describe how he or she will remove all drop cloths, clean up any drips of paint, visually inspect the entire job to ensure it will meet your satisfaction and leave your room looking better than it was -- and that includes carting away any supplies used during the job.

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