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  • Spray Foam Vs. Blown-In Insulation: Which Is Right For Your Home?

    18 September 2014

    Two of the most popular insulation products on the market today are spray foam and blown-in insulation. The reason that these products are so popular is that they can be easily used inside of finished walls, ceilings, and floors without causing damage to the finished surface. However, like all insulation products, both spray foam and blown-in insulation will have their pros as well as their cons. Taking the time to understand the pros and cons that come along with each of these options will ultimately allow you to choose which product is best suited to your home's insulation needs.

  • Thinking About Replacing Your Windows? Five Things You Should Know

    25 August 2014

    If you've been thinking about replacing the windows in your home, you know it can be a fairly large expense. Here are some good reasons to go ahead and spend the money, as well as extra information you might want to know about window replacement remodeling. Why Replace Your Windows? There are a host of reasons why you may want to replace your windows, some of which are addressed in more detail below:

  • Repairing A Cracked Concrete Surface

    4 August 2014

    Though concrete is a solid flooring material, it is not insusceptible to damage caused by erosion, freezing or blunt trauma. This being the case, a small crack in the concrete can often grow, resulting in a much larger crack over time. The best thing to do if you notice a crack in your concrete is to repair it as soon as you can to prevent the crack from getting larger. If you want to repair a cracked concrete floor, all you need to do is follow a short process.