What Projects a Handyman Can Help You With

  • Technologies For Conserving Groundwater While Irrigating Crops

    10 April 2015

    Changing climate conditions are creating an increased need to conserve water, especially when it comes to agriculture. The drought problem occurring in many locations worldwide is one example that illustrates this. Here are a few ways that you can get enough water to irrigate crops while conserving water as much as possible in the process. Irrigation Ponds There are times where groundwater can be in short supply in a region. When this happens, it's often a good idea to draw water for irrigating crops from a different source.

  • Get Your Flat Roof Ready For Spring

    7 April 2015

    Spring is here, and it's time to perform your annual flat roofing maintenance. Your flat roof has taken a beating all winter long, and now it needs some TLC to prevent leaks. These tips will help you maintain your flat roof to ensure that it can withstand the rain and sun in the days and weeks ahead. Clear Off Debris Flat roofing can accumulate debris, especially in the fall and winter when leaves and sticks fall from nearby trees.

  • Key Considerations Concerning Pond Excavation

    1 April 2015

    If you own a rural property that does not have a prominent water feature, you may want to consider constructing a pond. A pond is not only visually appealing, but provides you and your family with the many opportunities for fun and recreation. Building a pond typically involves the use of bulldozers or other earth-moving equipment and is a job best left to the professionals, such as excavating contractors. This article examines some of the key aspects of adding a pond to your landscape.

  • 3 Reasons To Install Aluminum Deck Railings Instead Of Wooden Ones

    18 March 2015

    If you are currently in the process of planning or building a deck, you might have instinctively planned on using wood as your main material. Although wood is a very common decking material, it isn't your only option. For example, you can opt for aluminum railing for your deck rather than a wood railing. Below are a few reasons to consider this high-quality material. There are also plenty of other benefits, so talk to a deck installation professional in your area to find out more about why aluminum deck railings might be right for you.

  • Premium Roofing Vs. Asphalt Shingle: Where Do You Find The Best Value?

    11 March 2015

    Styles change quicker than the seasons, and fads have a shorter lifespan than a housefly. While this might sound like a pessimistic view on dressing up your home, the right approach to can enrich the value of your home for years and help you save money on monthly bills. For example, premium roofing will not only improve the look of your home, but it will also help you to save on utility costs.

  • Foundation Repair Techniques

    5 March 2015

    Does your home or garage have doors that don't close properly, floors that are uneven, or even water leakage along the baseboards? These can all signal a problem with your foundation. Foundation damage can make a home dangerous and expensive to live in if not corrected early and properly. There are a few methods used to repair foundations, which vary in effectiveness, cost, and appropriateness to the project. Slabjacking Slabjacking is a method best used for foundations that are sagging or are cracked and tilting down.

  • When To Demolish And When To Renovate A Home

    26 February 2015

    When you purchase a home that is in very poor condition, you might be getting a steal if you get the right deal. But what should you do with the home if it is in such poor condition that it isn't even safe to live in? Your two choices are to either have your home renovated so that it is brought up to code or to tear your home down and rebuild one from scratch.

  • Getting To The Good Stuff: Why You Need Directional Drilling

    17 February 2015

    Drilling is the only way to get to the good stuff. Vertical wells are one way to go about it, but they're not always ideal. In fact, some vertical wells are wholly inadequate to the task at hand. Here's why you need non-vertical drilling techniques on your oilfield. The Payzone Location Sometimes, the payzone is just out of reach. Either it's underneath land where you are forbidden from drilling, or it's located in such a way that you cannot drill directly down to it.

  • Rock Siding: A (Mostly!) Canadian Product That Helps Create The Look Of Brick For Your Home Or Business

    10 February 2015

    If you love the look of brick, but you did not buy a brick home or business, you can achieve the brick look with siding. That is correct, you can have brick-looking siding made from cement! A mostly Canadian product that borrowed its creation from a Scandinavian product acts like siding, looks like brick, and costs about as much as vinyl or aluminum siding. If you want to change the exterior appearance of your home, but you do not want your standard, run-of-the-mill siding, then take a second look at the benefits of rock siding.

  • 4 Ways To Have A Safe Demolition At Home

    5 February 2015

    If you are planning on doing a DIY demolition, it is essential that you do so safely. Whether or not you have people living in your home while you pull down a wall or rip up the old hardwood flooring, you need to follow these simple safety instructions. Do Nothing But Demo Work It is important that when you plan to complete a demolition job, you schedule it on a day when you don't intend to do anything else.